What? Thought we couldn’t speak English?
Here’s a few of the strips we’ve done since Elvis started back in 2000. We’ll be updating this section as often as possible. Elvis has been running as a daily comic strip in the Swedish press since the summer of 2000.

The creators of Elvis have as of today’s date created over 2500 strips. These, alongside the hundreds of pages from the longer stories created for the Elvis comic book magazine (first released in 2008), generate enough material for two yearly books. Twelve such books have been published to date and all have gone on to become successes with over 20,000 sold copies per book.

This makes Elvis one of Sweden's top selling comics; in a land with a total population of 9 million people, and where a tenth (or 2,000 copies) of that number is a normal edition for a comic book! Elvis can also be found in the Finnish daily press as well as in the popular Norwegian comic book magazine "M".

If you would like to read more about Tony and Maria ,the creators behind Elvis, you can do that here.
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  • Like a vegetable

    Strip no 999

  • Are you hungry, sweetie?

    Strip no 990

  • Seasons in a relationship

    Strip no 987

  • Hmm, wonder if we have anything to eat?

    Strip no 986

  • That´ll be 500 dollars

    Strip no 973

  • Cats and dogs

    Strip no 955